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At PixelRain, we're proud to have sponsored and been a part of TEDxTruro in 2017, an inspiring event where speakers from various fields came together to share their ideas and experiences.

The theme for that year was “Breaking Barriers,” focusing on overcoming obstacles, connecting communities, and fostering inclusion.

To celebrate the incredible talks from this event, we’ve put together this blog post with all the TEDxTruro 2017 talks for you to enjoy. So, sit back, relax, and let the inspiring ideas flow.

Brendan Godley

Sea turtles united by oceans

With satellite tracking we now know more about the lifecycle of the enigmatic sea turtle than ever before. This can involve many different countries for a single nesting population across a whole ocean basin

Laura Penhaul

The strength of adaptability: achieving the impossible

Laura Penhaul talks about how to achieve what may at first seem impossible, drawing on her own experiences rowing unsupported across the Pacific and supporting others to adapt to achieve incredible challenges.

Will Coleman

Death and resurrection with the UK’s largest mechanical puppet

Will Coleman explains why he brought the UK’s largest ever mechanical puppet – the 11.2m high, 40 tonne Man Engine – to life.

Will is the Artistic Director of Golden Tree Productions, a community interest company that produces cultural projects that celebrate Cornwall’s unique heritage. He was the driving force behind the cultural phenomenon The Man Engine.

Shawn Brown

Neurodiversity: an untapped resource for future inventors

Is the way we educate young people with learning differences stifling the innovators, problem solvers and inventors of the future? Shawn Brown explores how Neurodiversity is linked to innovation, yet widely overlooked in our education system.

Duncan Williams

Music in mind

What happens in our brains when we hear music? Why does it affect us so deeply? Understanding this is helping Duncan Williams to develop new ways of interacting with music.

Hayley Goleniowska

Overcoming the fear of Down’s syndrome

Hayley Goleniowska will challenge you to think differently about Down’s syndrome, talking honestly about overcoming fear. Hayley is gently changing perceptions of Down’s syndrome with her powerful words.

Joanna Grace & Chloe Salfield

Inclusion: for pity’s sake?

Arguing for inclusion based on feeling pity for those who are different is useless and damaging. Change will come more readily when everyone understands what they personally gain from inclusion.

Fred McVitie

The frontiers of taste

Do you try to find ways of living in a more sustainable way? What if this meant introducing insects into your diet? Could you overcome the barrier of disgust and savour the experience?

Bimini Love

Street Cramps: a 15 year old tackles period poverty

Bimini Love is a 15-year-old school girl from Cornwall, whose Street Cramps project is transforming the lives of homeless women. She set up the Street Cramps project in February 2017 after seeing the numbers of homeless people increase in Cornwall over the winter months.

Emma Wright

Lets talk about Bob: a tale of depression & the importance of conversation

How do we break down the stigma around mental health? Emma talks about her depression – which she calls Bob – and belief that talking face to face is the answer.

Simon Jackson

Every breath you take: how cell barriers protect the body

Decoding the messages cells in our immune system send to barrier cells in our lungs could unlock new ways to diagnose and treat disease.

We hope you enjoyed revisiting the inspiring talks from TEDxTruro 2017. It was an honour for PixelRain to Sponsor and be a part of this event, capturing these powerful moments on camera.