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At PixelRain, our diverse range of video production services amplify your authentic voice and forge lasting connections with your audience.

Explore the possibilities – from emotive brand films that breathe life into your narrative to punchy social videos that spark conversations.

Embark on a visual storytelling journey crafted around your brand’s needs. With our expertise, we’ll create a video experience that engages your audience and showcases your brand’s brilliance.

Brand Films

Distill the true essence of your brand identity into a rich, cinematic narrative. Our collaborative approach blends your voice with evocative visuals to create an inspiring film that forges an emotional bond with viewers.

Social Media Content

Cut through the online noise with ultra-engaging social video content primed to ignite interaction. Whether crafting punchy, shareable shorts or visually-arresting animated pieces, we’ll make your brand’s personality pop.

Promotional Videos

Spotlight your products or services through dynamic visuals that stir desire. Our promo videos blend instructive demonstrations with sleek cinematography to shine a limelight on your offering’s standout features and benefits.

Corporate Videos

Share your organisation’s vision and values through powerful corporate films. Whether energising internal teams or showcasing your brand publicly, we’ll craft an authentic video narrative that leaves a lasting impression.

Travel & Destination Films

Whisk viewers away to awe-inspiring destinations through immersive, wanderlust-inducing travel films. Our visual storytelling service captures the spirit and allure of places in a way that inspires exploration.

Training Films

Enhance knowledge retention through professionally-produced training videos. Our expertise transforms complex subject matter into engaging, easy-to-understand visual learning experiences.

Education Videos

Enhance your educational materials with dynamic and interactive e-learning videos that make learning more accessible. Our team will create customised content tailored to your subject matter and target audience.

Recruitment Films

Attract top talent by spotlighting your company’s unparalleled team culture and workplace experience. Our recruitment films give candidates an inside look that inspires them to join your organisation.

Case Study Films

Let powerful customer success stories and testimonials elevate your credibility. Through stylistic filmmaking, we showcase real-world results and broadcast endorsements that inspire confidence in your brand.

Choosing PixelRain means you’re not just hiring a video production company; you’re gaining a dedicated creative partner who’s truly invested in your project’s success.

We believe in building strong connections with our clients, fostering a collaborative atmosphere, and using our expertise in various video formats to create content that is both captivating and tailored to your unique goals.

If you have a project in mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let’s bring your vision to life.

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Our Process

Creative Development

In this initial phase, we focus on brainstorming and refining the creative direction and content for your films. We take care of developing brand visual assets, drafting shooting scripts, and securing any necessary permissions. Once you’re fully satisfied and dates are confirmed, we’ll move forward to the actual production process.

Production & Capture

At the production stage, our talented filming team brings your vision to life, making it a fun and enjoyable experience. Utilising cutting-edge, broadcast-quality equipment, we capture the key content on location, ensuring top-notch results that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Post Production

Post-production is where the magic truly happens. Our editors weave together footage, images, voiceovers, and the perfect music from the production stage to tell your story. With the addition of motion graphics, titles, and subtitling, we give your films that finishing touch, creating a captivating and polished final product.

Review & Publishing

The excitement builds as you watch your first edit! Leave feedback effortlessly using our review platform, This user-friendly tool simplifies the feedback process, ensuring your vision is perfectly captured. Once you’re happy with the final product, it’s ready to be uploaded and shared with your audience.

Ongoing Support

Our dedication to you extends beyond the completion of your project. We offer continuous support and advice, ensuring you maximise the impact of your films. We safely store and back up your assets, and for many clients, maintain a footage library for easy access and use in future projects.

PixelRain's video production service in action onboard a helicopter service in the UK.
A drone ready to capture amazing visuals as part of PixelRain's video production service.