Historic Data and Modern Mining

Cornish Lithium

Corporate Video / Tech Metals

Working alongside Cornish Lithium, we produced a captivating two-part video series that delved into the past, present and future of the mining industry.

Our mission was to capture their pioneering spirit and showcase their industry-leading work. By intertwining restored historical data with insightful interviews and striking visuals, we created an engaging corporate video that highlights the company’s innovative approach to sustainable mining practices.

From pre-production to post-production, we wanted to tell Cornish Lithium’s brand story in an honest and authentic way. The resulting video series pays homage to the legacy of Cornish mining and showcases the company’s commitment to revitalising the industry with cutting-edge technology.

Through our storytelling expertise, we help share the stories that matter and support organisations in their efforts to create a positive impact in their respective industries.

Data and Mining

Mining has come a long way since the hand-drawn maps of the 1700s. Today, we work with modern, data-driven tools and technologies. And those tools allow us to augment yesterday’s documents with today’s knowledge.

The History of Cornish Mining

The history of Cornwall’s mining heritage is clear for all to see, from the engine houses scattered along our coastlines to the museums and mines operating today. But few people know that mining in Cornwall can be traced back as far as the early Bronze age – to around 2150 BC.