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Kernow Learning, a forward-thinking schools trust, recently hosted an inspirational day called "The Kernow Challenge" to motivate and inspire their teaching and learning staff.

Kernow Learning, a forward-thinking schools trust, recently hosted an inspirational day called “The Kernow Challenge” to motivate and inspire their teaching and learning staff. Held at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro, the event brought together teachers from all primary schools within the trust to celebrate their progress and learn about the trust’s future plans.

PixelRain, a leading schools video production company, had the privilege of capturing the day’s events through engaging and powerful videos that showcased the trust’s values, achievements, and aspirations. Local photographer Lizzie Churchill also documented the day through stunning photographs, providing a visual record of this remarkable gathering of educators.

The Kernow Challenge Recap Video:

For a more comprehensive look at the day’s events, this longer video delves into the various talks and sessions that took place. Featuring audio snippets from the speakers, including the motivational Action Jackson, this recap video allows viewers to experience the day’s inspiration and insights.

The Kernow Challenge Highlight Film:

This short film provides a quick overview of the inspirational day, showcasing the key moments and the energetic atmosphere that permeated the event. From the engaging speakers to the enthusiastic participants, this highlight reel captures the essence of The Kernow Challenge.

Action Jackson's "You Are Amazing" Performance:

One of the day’s highlights was Action Jackson’s energetic and uplifting performance of his song “You Are Amazing.” This video captures the infectious positivity and enthusiasm that Action Jackson brought to the stage, leaving everyone smiling, on their feet, and truly inspired.


In addition to documenting the event, PixelRain had the honour of creating four inspiring videos that were played on the big screen in the theatre between each section.

These videos, which highlighted the values and qualities that Kernow Learning strives for, were met with heartwarming reactions from the audience as they cheered for their students and colleagues.

Building Excellent Schools Together

This film showcases Kernow Learning’s mission, shared core values, and organisational philosophy. It emphasises the trust’s commitment to building excellent schools together, #AsOne.

Rise Up, Our Young People Need Us!

A powerful reminder of Kernow Learning’s promise to every child, in every class, across all of their schools. This video underscores the trust’s dedication to providing the best educational experience for their students.

Stretching Beyond

Proudly showcasing Kernow Learning’s partnerships and associations, this film demonstrates the trust’s commitment to collaboration and growth beyond the classroom.

Flourishing in Uncertain Times

This thought-provoking video explores ‘how’ Kernow Learning will build excellent schools together, even in the face of challenges and uncertainty

The Kernow Challenge was a testament to the power of inspiration, collaboration, and the unwavering commitment of Kernow Learning’s dedicated teaching staff. The event celebrated the trust’s progress and potential, showcasing the impact of their innovative approach to education through engaging speakers, uplifting performances, and powerful video content.

PixelRain was privileged to be a part of this special day, capturing the energy and passion that defines Kernow Learning. Through our school video production services, we were able to create compelling visual narratives that not only documented the event but also highlighted the values and principles that guide the trust’s mission.

As Kernow Learning continues to build excellent schools together, events like The Kernow Challenge serve as a reminder of the incredible work being done by educators and the importance of fostering a supportive, collaborative educational environment. The videos showcased throughout the day, including those created by PixelRain, underscore the power of visual storytelling in education and the role it can play in inspiring, motivating, and uniting school communities.

If your school or trust is looking to showcase your own inspiring stories, events, or initiatives, consider partnering with a professional school video production company like PixelRain.

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