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Forgotten Cornwall with James Strawbridge

Documentary Video Production

We're thrilled to share our latest project with History Hit TV: the original documentary series "Forgotten Cornwall," starring the talented Chef James Strawbridge.

In this captivating two-episode series, we delve into the rich history and cultural heritage of Cornwall, focusing on the sardine industry and Cornish mining.

During the production process, our team at PixelRain had the pleasure of conducting extensive research and interviewing fascinating experts to uncover the unique stories of Cornwall. Our collaboration with History Hit TV allowed us to bring these compelling stories to life through stunning visuals and engaging historic storytelling.

From pre-production to post-production, we were dedicated to showcasing the passion and resilience of the Cornish people and their deep connection to the region’s past. If you’re ready for an intriguing journey through Cornwall’s history, be sure to check out “Forgotten Cornwall” on History Hit TV.

Episode 1 - Call Of The Huer

In the first episode of this series, James is in his home county of Cornwall. He visits Huer’s Hut in Newquay and the small fishing village of Mousehole, renowned for its thriving Pilchard industry.

Whilst the scale of the industry has changed, the fish is as important as ever to the local community. James speaks to local historians and fisherman to understand why, and tell the fascinating story and history of the Pilchard.

Episode 2 - Cornish Mining

In the second episode of this series, James returns to his home county of Cornwall and travels along the Tin Coast to explore the long and rich history of the mining industry that defined the area for generations.

He visits Levant Mine, which is home to the world’s last remaining Cornish beam engine that is powered by steam, as well as South Crofty Mine, where he is given a tour of the vast network of tunnels that lay beneath the surface.

To finish off his journey in a true miner’s spirit, James cooks up a staple of his home county, a delicious Cornish Pasty.

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