In 2019, we had the privilege of providing video production services for TEDxTruro, an inspirational event packed with engaging speakers and thought-provoking ideas.

The team captured every moment, helping to provide a seamless live stream for viewers and editing each individual talk for TED’s YouTube channel. The speaker lineup included industry leaders, academics, activists, and athletes, each sharing their unique perspectives on various topics.

From Amanda Winwood’s organic skincare initiatives to David Wetherill’s journey as a Paralympian, and from Dr Lynne Jones’ work in conflict-affected areas to Pat Smith’s fight against plastic pollution, the event was a melting pot of innovation, perseverance, and passion.

Our goal at PixelRain was to ensure these powerful stories reached a wider audience, promoting the spread of ideas and sparking conversation. With our professional video production, we successfully captured the spirit of TEDxTruro and showcased the remarkable insights each speaker had to offer.

Pat Smith

Inspiring Others to Activism – “Somebody Should Do Something!”

We are living in times when the challenges we face can often seem immense. As well as political strife there’s climate change and species extinction alongside conflict and poverty. Now, more than ever, we need people who can inspire us to take action to address issues which can feel overwhelming.

Pat Smith examines how each of us has the potential to inspire others and looks to activists who have effected positive change on a mass scale by their simple actions, to teach us how we can all play a part in a more hopeful future.

Jeff Allen

Karma Waters

Like many who have spent time in the Forces, Jeff found himself going through a rough patch when re-entering civilian life. Seeking a new direction, Jeff decided to follow his desires and ended up circumnavigating Japan in a sea kayak.

Jeff’s talk explores the healing nature of fresh air, exercise and the sea, with stunning photography of his adventures. He also tells us how we can all use the natural environment to recharge and recover from the many traumas life can send our way.

Lucy Crane

Mining Our Way to a Low Carbon Future

As the world transitions to a decarbonised economy, we need to mine more materials than we have ever done before to support those low carbon technologies.

From wind turbines to batteries for electric cars, to the two thirds of the periodic table that are in your mobile phone, we have to find a way to sustainably extract materials.

We have to find a way to source these materials responsibly, because without them we don’t have a chance.

Bob Brewin

Can Outdoor Recreation Help Manage Environmental Change?

Bob addresses his connection with the ocean in his talk, which explores our conscious admiration for our planet and what that might mean for the way we care for the earth.

He dives into the modern climate crisis and ways in which we can improve societal awareness of the issue. His talk questions the role outdoor recreation can play in managing environmental change.

Rob Ainsley

Cycling Against the Tide

Cycling is something of a miracle. Especially when you can cycle on water, at remarkable places such as Lindisfarne or Bosham, where people battle every day against the tide.

Rob takes us on a lively and humorous journey along some of Britain’s most remarkable watery ways, from St Michael’s Mount to Spurn Head – one which also reveals stark truths about climate change. How can we help turn this particular tide?

David Wetherill

Pushing Your Limits - How Being Disabled Can Be A Blessing

Pushing your limits and the psychology of disability and sport. Disability doesn’t define you but your perception and mentality does.

Being disabled should not be thought of as a negative. It can be a blessing. David explains how being born with a disability is a great opportunity to achieve something massive in life and has pushed him to extend the boundaries of his physical and mental capabilities.

Without this, the tough times would have been a lot harder.

Sam Boex

From Idea to Reality

We all have ideas. These ideas can come from the least expected of places within our everyday lives.

Sam’s talk explores how we react to ideas and how easy it is to not react and just let them pass.

Sam tells of how a dissatisfactory experience with an online purchase led to a question about how that product could be improved & how a trip to the supermarket inspired an idea to develop an environmentally-friendly packaging solution that’s attracted global attention.

Julia Legallo

Perfectionism – The Battle of Never Feeling Quite Good Enough

Have you ever felt that you can always go the extra mile, do things better or work harder? Do you find you’re never satisfied with your achievements? Are you ever good enough?

While both a positive and negative disposition, perfectionism can have an intense impact on your life.

Explaining what perfectionism is and how it affects daily life, Julia discusses the tools she’s used to help her cope and how perfectionism can teach us about the way we navigate and apprehend our emotions.

Dr Lynne Jones OBE

Giving the Migrant Child a Voice

Lynne’s talk tells the story of what it’s like to leave your home and your country. The migrant crisis in Europe and Central America has been described and discussed from many angles in the world’s media, but one perspective has been missing; the voices of children themselves.

Lynne’s talk describes her work to help migrant children communicate what they think and feel about their experiences, both past and present. What do they want to share with the wider world? What would they like us to understand?

Amanda Winwood

From C to B(e) – Opening Spa Doors to People Going Through Cancer

Given that WHO (World Health Organisation) predict that one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer, there has never been a more crucial time to ensure that the well-being and spa industry open their doors to everyone.

Recent research showed that 96% of spas were turning away people who were going through cancer. Made for Life has had the vision of moving this figure to one which shows 96% of spas opening their doors to people with cancer.

It has simply been a journey from C to Be.

Vicky Kierkegaard

Modern Feminism - An Unconventional Route to Success

Vicky talks about breaking taboos and learning to be your own boss, without conforming to society’s expectations in terms of following the mainstream educational routes.

Vicky’s school empowers people to stand in their authenticity and be seen as their perfectly imperfect selves.