Step aboard and set sail with us on a captivating journey as we share our video production project for the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

We were thrilled to create a promotional film showcasing the museum's summer Heritage Boat Tours across the stunning Falmouth Harbour in Cornwall.

These unique boat tours offer visitors a fresh perspective on Falmouth’s fascinating maritime history, guided by an expert who reveals hidden gems along the Cornish coastline.

Our video production aimed to capture the essence of this remarkable experience, highlighting the breathtaking views and new perspectives that await.

In addition to the film, we also provided a collection of photos that beautifully complemented the visual story. These assets were used across the museum’s website and social media campaigns, inviting people to explore the wonders of Falmouth’s maritime heritage.

We’re happy to have played a role in bringing the magic of Falmouth’s Heritage Boat Tours to life and helping the National Maritime Museum Cornwall connect with new audiences eager to embark on their own maritime adventure.