Sustainable Seafood Week 2022 / Shetland

Marine Stewardship Council

For Sustainable Seafood Week 2022, we embarked on a journey to the breathtaking Shetland Islands with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Our mission was to capture sustainable fishing practices and the local community's dedication to preserving the marine ecosystem.

The project involved careful planning and research, engaging with the Shetland fishing community to understand their commitment to sustainability and the challenges they face. With our team working alongside the MSC’s we devised a concept that would resonate with viewers, highlighting the importance of choosing MSC-certified seafood to support these fishing practices.

From pre-production to post-production, our team worked hard to bring this vision to life. On location, we captured aerial shots of the islands as well as intimate interviews with fishermen, industry experts, and community members. These elements were carefully woven together to create a compelling narrative that showcased the beauty of the Shetland Islands and the inspiring efforts of its people.

The outcome was a powerful and visually engaging UK television advert for the MSC and a series of short films. These pieces not only spotlight the Shetland fishing community and their work to ensure a sustainable seafood supply for future generations but also promote the MSC's mission of preserving our oceans.

We're proud of our partnership with the MSC and our joint work to raise awareness for this vital cause.

All Hands On Deck

It takes all of us to help protect the ocean. This Sustainable Seafood Week we celebrate fishing communities who bring the seafood you love, to your plate. Watch our TV ad made for the MSC.

A Shetland Sustainable Seafood Feast

Join MSC UK Ambassador James Strawbridge at the Busta House Hotel in Brae, Shetland, for a sustainable seafood feast. To say a big thank you to all he met along the way on our trip to Shetland, James cooked up a BBQ crowd pleaser, using the very best species Shetland has to offer: think scallop skewers with a chicken butter, crab rolls, and whiskey-flambéed mussels.

Sustainable Seafood Suppers: Shetland Smoky Brown Crab Stew

Join MSC UK Ambassador James Strawbridge in West Burrafirth, Shetland, where he cooks up a warming Shetland smoky brown crab stew in the harbour - on a rainy day no less.

Sustainable Seafood Suppers: Apple Smoked Scallops

Join MSC UK Ambassador James Strawbridge on Whalsay Island, Shetland, where he smokes some fresh scallops on the BBQ - served with local Scalloway Shetland haggis, a seaweed butter, and some curds.

How scientists help fisheries protect our ocean

Dr Beth Mouat, Joint Head of Marine Sciences and Technology at the Shetland University of Highlands and Islands (UHI), explains how science and research is fundamental to sustainable fishing and is helping the MSC certified scallop and brown crab fishery in Shetland reduce their ocean impact.

Skipper Sandwiches: Coronation Crab

Join MSC UK Ambassador James Strawbridge in West Burrafirth, Shetland, where he meets local sustainable crab fishermen: brothers Francis and Norman Fraser, and Norman's son Calum Fraser, and cooks them up his Coronation crab skipper sandwich to tuck into after a hard day's work at sea.

Skipper Sandwiches: Cured Scallops

Join James Strawbridge on Whalsay Island, Shetland, where he meets local sustainable scallop fisherman George Andrew Williamson and cooks him up a cured scallop skipper sandwich after a hard day's work at sea.

How to prepare crab

Learn how to prepare brown crab with Shetland-based sustainable crab fisherman Francis Fraser and James Strawbridge.

How to prepare scallops

Learn how to prepare scallops with Shetland-based sustainable scallop fisherman George Andrew Williamson and James Strawbridge.

Campaign Photography

David Loftus


James Strawbridge

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