Take a deep breath and plunge down to the dark murky depths of the ocean and discover the monsters that lurk beneath.

Explore the centuries-old myths and legends, when chance sightings and odd appearances led to tall tales of deep sea creatures. Learn how, even today, these stories continue to capture imaginations, fuelled by fake news and conspiracy theories.

Dr Darren Naish

Dr Darren Naish is Guest Curator for Monsters of the Deep and a leading zoologist. We caught up with him to talk about his role in the exhibition.

Dr Tammy Horton

Dr Tammy Horton, Guest Curator of Monsters of the Deep, returned to National Maritime Museum Cornwall to see the complete exhibition. We caught up with her to see what she thought.

Professor Edward Hill

Professor Edward Hill is Chief Executive of National Oceanography Centre and here he tells us about the role the NOC played in Monsters of the Deep.

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