Clay Country Kitchen

West Carclaze Garden Village

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Nestled within the rugged beauty of Cornwall's clay country landscape, West Carclaze Garden Village is a unique development of sustainable homes.

To honour the rich heritage of the area and promote the use of local ingredients, we produced the 'Clay Country Kitchen' series, a collection of delectable recipe films featuring renowned chef James Strawbridge.

Our goal was to create a visual celebration of the region’s culinary delights. We planned each shoot to showcase the diverse landscape, while also capturing the essence of each dish and the passion behind James Strawbridge’s culinary creations.

The result is a collection of visually striking films that not only demonstrate the vibrant flavours of Cornwall but also highlight the beauty and charm of West Carclaze Garden Village.

These films have been collated into a recipe book, which serves as a delightful welcome gift for new residents moving into their homes. The book features QR codes that link to the videos online, allowing readers to follow each recipe in more detail and experience the culinary journey at their own pace.

The series has been shared across the village’s social media channels and featured on their website’s blog, helping to spread the word about the vibrant community and its commitment to celebrating local produce.

From location scouting to filming and editing, we are proud to have played a part in bringing the ‘Clay Country Kitchen’ series to life for West Carclaze Garden Village and its residents.

Autumn Recipe Films

French Onion Soup

seasonal and served with a melted gouda crouton

French onion soup is a tasty classic, but for this recipe, James is adding his own Cornish twist by adding local Bramley apples, a little wholegrain mustard and a cheesy crouton topped with Gouda made right here in Cornwall.

The apples add a little British inspired sweetness, whilst the mustard adds a bitter and spicy note. Take your time with this one, and enjoy the process.

Spicy Apple Sauce

a favourite condiment, with a kick

If you’re surrounded by fallen apples from your garden trees at this time of year, or you love to pair apple sauce with your autumnal cooking, then this is the recipe for you.

With thanks to a little cinnamon, spice and all things nice, this homemade jar with a kick is sure to become something you’ll make year after year. And the great thing is that it will keep for about 12 months in your cupboard.

Pulled Pork Pibil Tacos

just the right amount of spice

Take a look at this delicious Mexican inspired pork pibil, a pork shoulder which slowly bubbles in the pan for four to five hours, with fennel, spices, pink pickled onion and jalapenos.

The tender meat is then wrapped up inside a soft flour taco, alongside Mexican rice and guacamole, and it’s topped with a big spoonful of spiced, apple sauce.

To quote Johnny Depp in Once Upon a Time in Mexico during a scene describing his love of pibil, ‘it’s too good’, and we hope you’ll agree!

Green Chilli Mussels

mussels with a twist

This spicy bowl of mussels is sure to warm the cockles of the whole family on a dark, autumn’s eve. They have a delicious, Indian inspired twist – pilau rice and onion bahjis – which really works!

And of course, you’ve got to eat them with a crispy bit of ciabatta, which is perfect for mopping up the flavoursome, coconutty sauce that the Cornish shellfish is swimming in. Enjoy.

Summer Recipe Films

Spatchcock Chicken Caesar Salad

an umami filled salad to delight all this summer

Caeser Salad is popular for good reason, and if it’s a hit within your household, you’re going to love our twist on a classic. Barbecuing the organic chicken in a spatchcock style gives the meat a delicious smokiness, whilst the lemon and pepper marinade works its magic from the outside in.

The juicy poultry works beautifully when served with the grilled nectarine and pear, liquoricey fennel, crunchy little gem leaves, fresh anchovies and garlic-rubbed, toasted chiabatta. Enjoy.

Cornish Strawberry Tarts

the epitome of summer produce in cornwall

Cornish strawberries are a taste of sunshine, bursting with fruity flavour thanks to their slow-growing process. They are the star of this dish, encased in shop bought shortcrust tartlets (to save you valuable time during a BBQ with friends), drizzled with balsamic vinegar and sugar, and topped with a shredded basil garnish.

They’ll sit neatly on top of a healthy dollop of Cornish clotted cream, underneath some homemade, toasted meringue. This is sure to keep your guests sweet this summer!

Moroccan Spiced Mackerel Burgers

a delicious surf ’n’ turf vibe

Barbecueing fresh, locally caught mackerel is not only satisfying to do, the results are divine! So how best to serve this flavoursome fish?

We think in a toasted burger, with a little bit of pickled carrot slaw and some nduja mayonnaise.

What’s even better is that this vibrant dish is quick and simple to make, and is sure to leave your taste-testers wanting more.

Wild Nettle Tea

a simple herbal infusion

A quick and easy warming drink, made using free nettles you’ve picked with your very own hands – don’t worry, we’ll be showing you the best way to avoid getting stung.

This infusion is packed full of antioxidants and serotonin – that’s right, this drink will give you some good vibes! Happy brewing.