Cornwall & The G7 Summit

In June 2021, Carbis Bay in Cornwall hosted world leaders for the G7 Summit, an event that brought together the world's leading democracies to discuss global challenges and build a greener, more prosperous future.

PixelRain was commissioned by the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership (CIOS LEP) to create a series of films highlighting some of Cornwall's developing economic opportunities. As part of this, our team visited several organisations across Cornwall, capturing their innovative efforts on film as well as creating a journalist briefing to share with the global media.

Data & Space

As space exploration continues to expand and become more accessible, the data and space sector is growing exponentially. Companies such as Virgin Orbit are exploring horizontal launch technologies, aiming to make space travel more flexible and affordable. Spaceport Cornwall aspires to become one of the first operational spaceports hosting horizontal launch capabilities.

Cornwall is ambitiously positioning itself as a hub for data and space, fostering an ecosystem of businesses that enable satellite manufacturing, operations through Spaceport Cornwall, and data monitoring with companies like Goonhilly.


The energy transition requires an increased focus on materials, with electric vehicles needing four times more copper and a projected 500 times more lithium over the next 20 years. Cornwall possesses world-class deposits of these vital resources, and with prices on the rise, exploration is becoming increasingly worthwhile.

From the historical mining of tin and tungsten to innovative methods of extracting lithium from granite mica and brines, Cornwall's unique geology creates significant opportunities to support the energy transition.

Clean Energy Resources

Cornwall's geographical advantages, such as deep waters and strong winds, make it an ideal location for generating clean energy resources. The region is focusing on developing Floating Offshore Wind and Geothermal technologies, while leveraging existing skills and technology from the marine and mining sectors.

With a community of innovative and pioneering individuals, Cornwall is determined to create clean energy resources to meet its own zero carbon targets and help others achieve theirs.

Digital & Tech

From improved and more accessible experiences, to transformations within industry, digital and technology plays a key role in the green industrial revolution.

Through Falmouth University, Cornwall’s creative industry university, to the universities of Exeter and Plymouth, tech and digital education is feeding us a pipeline of innovative and exciting businesses and young people with the skills to support our emerging sectors.

Background Briefing for Journalists

The G7 Summit in Carbis Bay provided an opportunity for journalists to gain insight into Cornwall's role at the forefront of the energy transition. From lithium mining and deep geothermal energy to floating wind technology and launching the UK's first satellites, Cornwall is challenging conventional perceptions of the region.

This 45-minute briefing, hosted by Glenn Caplin-Grey, Chief Executive of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership, offers valuable information to help journalists understand the importance of Cornwall in the global green industrial revolution.

The G7 Summit 2021 Project was a unique opportunity for PixelRain to showcase Cornwall's economic opportunities and innovative projects to the world. Through a series of captivating films, we highlighted the region's ambitions in data & space, geo-resources, and clean energy resources, as well as its role in the G7 Summit.

As a trusted Cornwall based video production company, we are proud to have played a part in promoting Cornwall's incredible vision of a greener, more prosperous future.