Carbis Bay Estate

Luxury Hotel Video Production on the Cornish Coast

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Carbis Bay Estate, known for its luxurious accommodation, stunning spa, and breathtaking beachfront location, requires visuals that truly capture its beauty and inspire a desire to visit.

PixelRain had the privilege of collaborating with Carbis Bay Estate to create compelling video and photography content that showcases the estate’s unique beauty and inspires unforgettable getaways.

C Bay Spa: A Sanctuary of Relaxation

Our partnership began with C Bay Spa, where we captured the essence of serenity and rejuvenation. Our video highlights the spa’s stunning ocean views, luxurious treatments, and the ultimate in relaxation, inviting viewers to step into a world of pure indulgence.

The Autumnal Charm of Carbis Bay:

We immersed ourselves in the warmth and charm of Carbis Bay Estate during the autumn season. Our content highlighted special events like “Autumn in the Orangery,” showcasing the cosy atmosphere, festive décor, and the estate’s unique ability to make the season magical.

This campaign directly contributed to a boost in visitor numbers, demonstrating the power of video to drive engagement and bookings.

Dior Beauty Conference: Corporate Elegance

Carbis Bay Estate’s exceptional facilities, attentive service, and stunning coastal setting provided the perfect backdrop for the prestigious Dior Beauty team conference.

Our video captured the sophisticated atmosphere, seamless event execution, and the estate’s ability to blend business with coastal luxury, positioning Carbis Bay as a premier destination for high-profile corporate retreats.

Walter's On The Beach:

The vibrant energy, delectable cuisine, and stunning oceanfront location of Walter’s On The Beach come alive in our dynamic video.

We showcased the restaurant’s fresh, locally sourced ingredients, expertly crafted cocktails, and the lively ambiance that transforms an evening into an unforgettable coastal dining experience.

Our collaboration with Carbis Bay Estate has been a remarkable journey filled with success and creative fulfilment. Our videos and photographs have played an important role in increasing bookings, enhancing social media presence, and demonstrating the estate’s ability to cater to diverse clientele – from discerning leisure travellers to corporate groups.

At PixelRain, we understand the power of storytelling through captivating visuals. If you’re a hotel, restaurant, or hospitality venue seeking video production that elevates your brand and inspires guests to choose you, let’s connect and explore how we can bring your vision to life.

Carbis Bay Estate