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We’re very happy to share our latest collaboration with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) UK, a film that highlights the pivotal role of sustainable fishing practices in safeguarding our oceans.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the MSC UK Awards, watch our film reflecting on a decade of remarkable achievements and the continuous journey towards a sustainable future.

A Night to Remember at Fishmongers' Hall

The historic Fishmongers’ Hall, a venue resonating with the heritage of the UK’s maritime industry, set the stage for this year’s MSC UK Awards. The evening was not just a celebration of achievements but also a powerful reminder of the collective responsibility we hold towards our seas. Our film was at the heart of the action, kicking off the evening’s celebrations.

Bridging Stories from Cornwall to London

The 2023 MSC UK Awards marked a significant milestone – ten years of recognising and celebrating excellence in sustainable fishing.

Our filming journey with the MSC took us from the bustling harbour of Newlyn in Cornwall, to the grandeur of London’s Fishmongers’ Hall. In these contrasting yet equally vibrant settings, we conducted on camera interviews with past award winners. Each interviewee was asked to share their insights on the importance of sustainable fishing and reflect on their experiences as award recipients.

Their stories are a testament to the passion and dedication that drives the UK’s sustainable fishing and seafood industry. Each highlighting the progress made over the years but also underscoring the ongoing commitment required to preserve our marine ecosystems.

Our recent work with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) UK has been a genuinely rewarding experience for the PixelRain team.

Shooting in locations from Newlyn to London, we aimed to capture the MSC’s mission and the passion of the award winners. Our goal was to create a charity video that not only tells a story but also resonates with viewers, encouraging them to think about the role they play in preserving our oceans.

At PixelRain, we’re passionate about creating films that engage, inform, and inspire. Working on this film has been a highlight for our team, and we look forward to continuing our support for the MSC UK in their vital work for sustainable seas.

The MSC Awards 2023