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Unveiling the Wonders of Kalettes with Jack Stein and Ross Geach at Padstow Kitchen Garden

In a short culinary adventure, renowned chef Jack Stein and 7th generation farmer Ross Geach come together at the stunning Padstow Kitchen Garden to explore the unique and versatile vegetable – Kalettes. Ross, a former head chef trained under Rick Stein, now dedicates his time to nurturing award-winning produce at his 7-acre farm located in the picturesque Trerethern Farm on the North Coast of Cornwall.

In this special collaboration, brought to life by PixelRain, Jack and Ross delve into the world of Kalettes, a fusion of kale and Brussels sprouts, while demonstrating their passion for fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Watch as Jack and Ross, along with the PixelRain team, visit the Padstow Kitchen Garden, where they sample Kalettes straight from the farm and learn about the dedication and care that goes into growing them. Even on a wet, grey day, the breathtaking view of Padstow harbour serves as the perfect backdrop for this exploration of farm-to-table goodness.

After discovering the secrets of Kalettes, Jack and Ross put their culinary skills to the test by creating two mouth-watering recipes that showcase the versatility of this unique vegetable.

Pork Belly with Apple Sauce and Kalettes

Jack cooks up a delicious Pork Belly with Spiced Apple Sauce and Kalettes, showcasing the versatility of Kalettes. With tender pork belly seasoned with five-spice, a flavoursome apple sauce, and perfectly cooked Kalettes, this dish is the perfect way to enjoy the unique taste of this remarkable vegetable.

Tempura Kalettes with Peanut Chilli Sauce

Jack’s second mouth-watering recipe features crispy tempura-coated Kalettes, paired with a rich and flavourful peanut chilli sauce that will leave you craving more.

We truly enjoyed working for Kalettes and in the beautiful surroundings of Padstow Kitchen Garden. Collaborating with talented chefs like Jack Stein and Ross Geach has been a great and we’re glad to contribute in showcasing the appeal of Kalettes to customers.

If you’re eager to get your hands on some Kalettes after watching our videos, they’re available at various retailers, including Marks and Spencer, Asda, and Waitrose. Kalettes are a seasonal vegetable, typically sold from November to March, but you can stock up and freeze them to enjoy throughout the year.